Pet Injections Made Easy

Re-usable device that makes pet subcutaneous injections easy. Simply place a loaded syringe in the Inject-Ease, place the tip against the skin, and press the button to automatically deliver the needle through the skin.

You control the rate at which the medicine is injected.

  • Usable with subcutaneous injection treatments, including diabetes and other conditions
  • Special tip & technique- helps reduce the pain by masking the needle puncture
  • One button use provides aid to the pet owner with limited dexterity and coordination
  • One press of the button inserts the needle through the skin automatically and easily
  • Allows use of different size insulin syringes-works with 30, 50, or 100 unit BD insulin syringes or other insulin syringes with similar dimensions
  • Comes with spacer rings for customization of injection depth
  • Quiet so it does not startle the pet
  • Easy to practice injection technique to increase confidence
  • Stabilizes the device on the skin to reduce early withdrawal and loss of fluid
  • Affordable with 2 year warranty
  • Part# IE400V

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